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Let us make a difference in cleaning your home and help make a positive difference on our planet, we only have one​


“We HONOR our commitments with INTEGRITY”

Commercial services available

​​​Commercial eco-cleaning services

We offer top of the line commercial cleaning services. Whether you

need carpet cleaning, floors need to be waxed or finished, window

cleaning, janitorial services we can help provide all that. All with the

try us before you buy us and if we don't satisfy what we agreed to,

then you don't pay.

Chemical-less steam cleaning- disinfects and kills over 99.9% of bacteria with no chemicals. HEPA steam cleaning can be used on many surfaces, kitchen areas, counters, some floors, carpets, hoods, ovens, bed bugs and many other surfaces.

Floor care- stripping and finishing VCT. Our process uses only water to strip or if absolutely needed we use a much diluted Ecologo st

ripper. Our finish contains no zinc or formaldehyde and is Ecologo certified. Tile and grout cleaning, sealing

Carpet cleaning- light cleansing, steam cleaning, deep hot water carpet extraction, we use carpet and rug institute approved items (CRI)

Upholstery cleaning- steam cleaning process

Chemical less Exterior window cleaning- exterior windows up to 5 stories using pure water system, interior window cleaning we use steam, or Eco-friendly glass cleaner

Kitchen cleaning- we use food grade Eco-cleaners or steam clean kitchens to remove grease from appliances, floors and any other surface

Vacuum- HEPA filtration vacuum keeps bacteria and allergens confined in vacuum, vacuums are gold certified by CRI

Mopping- we use steam mopping or we use a mopping system which filters water for reuse, keeps the water clean so we don’t just spread dirt

Dusting- we use reusable wet microfiber dusters, HEPA vacuum or steam

General cleaning- glass, walls, doors, light switches, mopping, steaming and sanitizing of multiple surfaces

Metal polishing- hand rails, appliances, brass, and metal trim

We provide your business with a sticker that you are eco-cleaned to show your customers.

Our employees can be trusted to lock and care for your property because they undergo a background check, drug screening, and reference questioning upon hirend throughout employment (some info can be available to view upon request). They are also bonded and insured. We don’t cut corners or take chances anywhere.

We offer bank cleaning, church cleaning, office cleaning, medical facilities cleaning, school cleaning, dealership cleaning, restaurant cleaning, daycare cleaning and more.